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We unrolled two yoga mats next to each other and the journey began!

Aubrey and Shirley met several years ago in their first teacher training class. Their friendship grew from there as they supported each other on their new yoga journey. Aubrey was navigating working full time in NYC, being a mom, teaching classes at area gyms, and holding her own private lessons. Shirley was steering her way through being a single mom, working full time, teaching at area gyms, and starting classes of her own at the Elk's in Summit. After witnessing how yoga helped improve their lives, Aubrey and Shirley shared a vision of providing yoga to everyone in the community. Not only did they want to make yoga and wellness easy and approachable for all, they wanted everyone to have a little fun in the process. This dream took shape in 2018  when a promising space became available. After seeing the space and using a little design imagination, Shirley and Aubrey joined forces and the UNWIND Yoga & Wellness Center was born.  

Aubrey and Shirley have continued their individual educational journeys beyond their basic training. They are excited to share their knowledge as well as showcase the expertise of the teachers they have encountered along the way. Classes and events at UNWIND Yoga & Wellness vary in style and are designed to provide a large range of levels, cover different ages, and above all encourage a more peaceful and well-balanced life.

Please join us to UNWIND. 

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1280 Springfield Ave., 2nd Floor, New Providence, NJ 07974

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