UNWIND Summer Camps for Teens


For Girls, Ages 9-12

July 15-19 OR August 5-9

2:00-4:00 PM Daily


Register before 6/30 for a 10% Discount

"S" stands for SOUL What feeds our souls? Inner self-worth, etc.

"H" stands for HEART ~ What brings joy to our hearts? Loving ourselves, our bodies, etc.

"I" stands for INSPIRE ~ What inspires you? What awakens your dreams?

"N" stands for NAMASTE ~ What brings you peace?

"E" stands for EMPOWER ~ Self-empowerment


Created specifically for tween girls ages 9-12, this camp focuses on inspiring them to find their inner self-worth through mindfulness, arts and crafts, journaling, and sharing. Learn self-compassion techniques and strategies designed to help identify and regulate emotions that result from interactions in their daily lives. Each day, campers will explore their sense of self, find a deep sense of knowing who they are (outside of what society or peers tell them), and find their creative outlets. By the end of the week, your child will have the tools they need to "SHINE OM" in their families, friendships, and the world!

Activities include:

Essential oils & meditation

Make your own jewelry

Craft projects from the heart



All supplies included.


Teen Summer Camp

For All Teens, Ages 13-17

July 8-July 12

1:30-3:30 PM Daily


Register before 6/30 for a 10% discount

Whether you are an athlete or just looking to learn and explore the benefits of yoga this summer, Elevate & Empower is a great opportunity to learn how yoga can benefit your body, mind, and emotions.  Yoga can help you become more balanced, calm, focused, and relaxed whether you're on the field, on the stage, or in the classroom. It’s a great addition to an athlete’s summer program and/or simply a way to enhance the summertime zen. The practice of yoga has many proven physical benefits, including improving focus, strength, flexibility, balance, and overall functional mobility.

Join us this summer for a week-long teen yoga camp. No experience required. You don’t have to be an athlete to join!


Some of the topics that will be covered:

Learning how to breathe and using breath for focus, relaxation, and stress reduction.

Improving body awareness for safety during poses.

Understanding some basic anatomy and movement mechanics to improve your mobility.

Incorporating basic meditation and visualization techniques.

Learning basic yoga poses for balance, strength, and mobility.


Empower yourself by elevating your mind and body this summer through yoga!

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