Michelle started practicing yoga fifteen years ago during her first pregnancy, and ever since then has been addicted to the feeling she experienced during class and after she rolled up her mat and left the studio. She continued practicing on and off for years, but really started to dedicate more time to her practice about five years ago. While attending massage school, one of Michelle’s teachers was a yoga instructor. This planted the seed to combine her career of massage with her love of yoga. It took several more years for Michelle to get her courage up before she committed to enrolling in yoga teacher training. Through the encouragement of her instructors, Michelle found her nerve and enrolled in the 200-hour teacher training at Radiant Heart Yoga School through Yoga Bohemia in Long Beach Island, NJ, Michelle’s happy place in her happy place.

Through her magical training taught by amazing teachers, Michelle learned to craft creative, thoughtful, and meditative sequences with purpose that allow her students to discover strength, courage, empowerment, and harmony. By focusing on breath, alignment, strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance, Michelle creates a challenging class for both the mind and body that is accessible to all by encouraging students to listen to their own body and use props and modifications as needed. She wants her students to understand that yoga is more than a physical workout. It is a practice that enables you to find peace in your own life by learning how to love yourself and bringing balance to your life.


1280 Springfield Ave., 2nd Floor
New Providence, NJ 07974

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