Gentle Yoga, Pre-Natal, Post-Natal

Mea's yoga journey began way back when her middle school gym teacher encouraged the class to try a Rodney Yee AM Yoga VHS for the first time. Since then, she's been hooked and has continued to make yoga an important presence in her life. At the University of Delaware, where she received her degree in Health Behavior Science, she took a college course on yoga that took her much deeper than the physical practice. Fast forward to 2018 where she took that passion to Onyx Yoga Studio and completed her 200-HR Teacher Training. 

Mea enjoys infusing yoga and meditation into her job as a Corporate Fitness Professional to help employees dissolve the stresses of work and sedentary behaviors. Her gentle and restorative style classes help to relieve mental and physical stress, and she takes care to always speak softly and pay attention to her clients' needs. She is grateful for her teachers, both past and new, for their influence and knowledge. 

"I believe there is yoga for everyone and my goal is to help them along their journey to find their own unique connection with yoga."

Mea Joyce