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Come visit our studio in downtown New Providence! In the spring of 2018, we designed the UNWIND Yoga & Wellness Center from the ground up. With a calming color scheme, spacious practice area, and a separate check-in room, you can practice yoga in a relaxed and approachable environment. 

Our rock salt wall also provides the right vibe with peaceful lighting for early morning classes, evening classes, and events. 

We offer a wide variety of props to assist with your practice. We have blocks, bolsters, and blankets to help you ease into a posture and for resting poses. Mats are also available for use.

Not only do we provide a peaceful and approachable place to practice yoga, we have a small store with products made by other small businesses. Here you can purchase gifts for others or for yourself to bring some namaste home with you! You're purchasing quality items and shopping local!

Nia Class

Express yourself through movement and dance in our Nia classes.

UNWIND Yoga sound healing

One of our sound healing classes with crystal singing bowls attuned to the chakras.

NP Community Pool Free Yoga

UNWIND hosted a free yoga event at the New Providence Community Pool.

Strong Like a Girl

Try crow pose in our Strong Like a Girl workshop series!

UNWIND Yoga & Wellness Center

Visit UNWIND and instantly feel welcome! Our friendly staff and students will make your yoga studio feel just as comfortable as home.


Try some inversions under the expert's care in our classes and special workshops.

UNWIND Yoga Events

Schedule a yoga class for your sports team or club, like this NP Softball team!

NP Community Pool yoga

Catch us at some events around the community, like this free yoga event at the New Providence Community Pool!

Strong Like a Girl

Grab your loved one and try out some new supported poses in our Strong Like a Girl workshop series.

Our Store

Bring some namaste home with you with items from our small store!

UNWIND Yoga and Wellness Center

Come in and leave your coat, your shoes, and your worries at the door!

UNWIND Yoga and Wellness Center

Our studio space is warm and inviting, just what you need for a yoga session.

UNWIND Yoga savasana

Savasana at UNWIND.

UNWIND Yoga with Drumming

Keep an eye out for our special yoga classes, including this yoga class with live drumming.

UNWIND Yoga and Wellness Center

Come in to UNWIND!

UNWIND St. Teresa Teacher In Service

UNWIND can host a plethora of classes and events, including a local school's Teachers in Service Workshop.

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